Giddings AR-15 Giveaway!

Enter to win the rifle that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein don’t want you to own!

I’m working right now in Boise to be sure that we keep our freedoms in Idaho.

Our message is simple: HANDS OFF the Second Amendment!

The Left in DC is still working to ban firearms and strip you of your Constitutional rights, and now as we approach the midterm elections, they are clamoring for action.

But that’s why we must stand up to them! And that’s why I’m running for Lt. Governor.

While the leftists are scheming plots to take away your firearms, we are celebrating our right to bear arms by giving away ANOTHER Aero Precision 16” M4E1, AR15, chambered in 5.56, painted by Alta Arms!

Enter now to WIN a beautiful AR 15 (worth $1,510) from the Giddings for Idaho team!

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